Address anxiety, life goals, transitions, and relationships in-person or electronic sessions



Dr. Wicks works with you to create the change you seek and develop tools for on-going success.


One-on-one counseling with Dr. Carrie Wicks includes developing  a clearly designed, personalized mental practice that supports focus, emotional problems, and performance in all aspects of life. She addresses challenges with relationships, family life, school or career issues, anxiety and depression.

She offers traditional psychotherapy as well as mindfulness-based tools including meditation, attention to breath, theories of yoga, creative process oriented practices, and hypnosis.
It begins with a strategy session – a one-one-meeting with Dr. Wicks.

You will begin to assess your emotional, learning, and coping styles, areas of strength and stressors that threaten your success. You’ll receive guided support to engage your intuition and change unwanted patterns. Learn to look internally and not be on the runaway brain train.  Sessions can be done in-person or remotely.

Explore specific tools to create your own practice, deepen your focus and achieve optimum performance
  • Brain Training: Understand how your brain works and how mindfulness can change your life

  • Communication & Intuition: Use self-knowledge to deepen your connections

  • The Mind-Body Connection: Develop and strengthen the pathways between your mental & physical performance

  • Know Your Mind-Body Type: Integrate your mind-body connection to find your personal MindZone

  • Optimal Performance and Flow: Find your most effective rhythm and perform at your peak

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