As a performance and psychological consultant, Dr. Carrie Wicks works with athletes and individuals of all kinds – amateur, personal, and teens  to elevate the mind-body connection and develop a heightened awareness in life and sport. 

Carrie’s program helps increase focus and awareness, while turning adrenaline and tension into valuable cues for success.

The Path to Peak Performance
and Balance

Train your brain through a
personalized practice
to increase your focus

With Carrie’s guidance, you can identify the physiological and emotional charges that may derail performance in athletic competition – or any other goal-oriented aspect of life.  She calls this heightened awareness state one’s unique MindZone.  In this place, she coaches clients in an ongoing dialogue with tools and materials that fit their own learning styles, while finding the path to success.

The Path to Peak Performance

Observe + Present Moment + Breathe + Visualize + Mind-Body Connection + Flow =
Your MindZone
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