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About Clients

While I work with equestrians and non-equestrians, my approach and philosophies are the same for all people. My training in Art Therapy, Humanistic and Transpersonal and Performance psychology inform my work. I offer clients objective reflection of personal material combined with exploration of subconscious processes and education about human behavior. Even when challenges are acute, we focus on your personal growth path and how each challenge that arises is an invitation for increased self-knowledge.


My history as a life-long amateur show jumping competitor, horse show mom, and lover of all things horses combined with my clinical- performance focused doctoral studies have led me to working with riders of all kinds.  I work with equestrian athletes in a variety of ways to support with relationships, performance, and personal material. Life challenges outside of the saddle need airtime in order for us to be fully present. We may focus on personal issues or riding challenges but the two will inevitably intersect and this is often where the deep learning occurs. Sessions are client-driven and the material that comes up in the here-and-now always leads to the support you seek.



Adults typically seek support from me when a piece of life is out of place. This experience is often accompanied by feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, depression, and the desire to set things straight. Anxiety and depression can feel unshakeable. Together we explore the patterns, personal narrative, and life history that have led to the imbalance. We consider shifting the narrative, explore the material at the edges of consciousness and consider change. We also explore relationship issues, parenting challenges, professional detours, and a desire to increase satisfaction and meaning in life.  


Adolescence is the most creative phase of life and my work with teens focuses on revealing this superpower. The extreme inner callings for expanded experience and chemical/hormonal instability can bring on anxiety, depression, focus issues, and, self-concept challenges. I connect with teens on their level to deeply understand the intensity of experience while supporting them to navigate passage into young adulthood. Teens develop a trusting relationship with an objective and attentive adult, offering a relationship model. We explore the deep emotions that can cause confusion as well as current social/academic/sport/familial matters in the here-and-now. I help teens learn tools for navigating the turbulence in life.


Support For Parents of Teens

While I 100% honor confidentiality for all clients, I seek to bridge communication and understanding between parents and teens. With this in mind, I support and encourage teens to develop their young adult voices in order to help parents, coaches, and teachers understand their challenges and intentions. Parent-teen sessions are a typical but not mandatory part of my work with teens.

Common Personal Growth Path Themes:

  • Life stage transitions and reframing the path

  • Flow and peak performance

  • Applied mindfulness practice

  • Relationship styles

  • Mind-body connection

  • Injury, recovery or heartbreak

  • Dealing with fear and resistance

  • Training and competition rituals

  • Support for parents navigating adolescence

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