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Dr. Carrie Wicks Optimize Performance


Professional, Amateur, Teen

Athletes physically prepare with intensity to achieve desired results – but often omit the mental training necessary for advantage – and enjoyment. While they can experience incredible moments or successes, they often don’t investigate the particulars of how their mental state contributed.  The same can be true throughout one's life.

To be truly successful – personally and professionally – one must have a mental practice

to draw upon when life’s distractions make your Mindzone inaccessible. I provide tools to athletes and performers to work with distractions, mind games, excess adrenaline, and negative self talk without having to suppress emotions. Working within your MindZone allows for all emotions to feed optimum performance.

MindZone Benefits:
  • Heightened sensory awareness

  • Breath work to support optimum performance

  • Development of intrinsic connections between physical actions and thoughts

  • Ability to go seamlessly between analytic thought and intuition

  • An eventual practice to support peak performance, flow, and task-oriented focus

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