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Dr. Carrie Wicks Sport Psychology Clinics & Team Building Workshops

Clinics & Workshops

Design your own experience to introduce brain training and  enhance performance.

Whether you are an elite athlete, executive, or club sport enthusiast  the combined information, hands-on experiences, and introduction to developing a personal practice will increase you performance level.


Working with teams and groups, Dr. Wicks brings customized interactive talks to you. Learn about personal MindZone as well as the group MindZone dynamics that influence your training and performance.

Become familiar with brain basics, applied mindfulness practices, steps to shift behavior patterns, and how to easily access flow.
Clinic & Workshop Options:
  • Brunch With Dr. Carrie: a 2-hour interactive talk complete with workbook and Q&A format closing

  • Athlete Clinic: Dr. Carrie attends a practice opened by a short talk and hands-on support for individual athletes, coaches, and team to develop cohesive MindZone tools

  • ExecuZone: Meet as a company, teams, individuals, and department heads to identify patterns and establish new norms for productivity, improve interpersonal relationships, and establish creative growth through on-going personal and group practices. 

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