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Dr. Carrie Wicks Psychology Services


(W)inner Circle

On-Site Counseling

Design a daily mental practice that is right for body,
mind, and training style
Winner Circle Online Sport Psychology Program

The self-guided program to deepen and sustain a mindfulness practice

My work blends basic mindfulness practices with theories of psychology to develop a customized mental practice for increased performance. Meditation and attention to breath heightens attention, bringing focus to the task at hand and being in the moment. 


Working with Dr. Wicks will teach you to Train Your Brain

for benefits in competition and all facets of your life:

  • Create and Sustain Energy

  • Harness Focus

  • Manage Stress

  • Deepen self-understanding

  • Enhance the experience

  • Increase performance

The Path to Peak Performance

Observe + Present Moment + Breathe + Visualize + Mind-Body Connection + Flow =
Your MindZone
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