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Carrie Wicks Sports Psychologist and Counselor

About Me: Psychologist, Athlete, Mother, Partner

I have practiced sport and psychological consulting in Northern California for more than 20 years and  participated as a lifelong competitive athlete in equestrian sports.  I cross-train as a mountain biker, yoga / pilates student, hiker, and skier. My professional training as a psychologist, coupled with personal experience, have focused my work on helping people achieve consistency and overcome challenges.  My combined consulting and psychotherapy blends personal narrative, relational psychology, mental practice enhancement for performance techniques with balancing the many layers of life.


I am a California native and really enjoy exploring that natural beauty of the state. My husband and I often take trips in our eco-camper for me to work on-site with athletes or to mountain bike in new terrain. I am also a dog lover and have been receiving teachings from my Jack Russel Terrier, Jet about how to be trained by and train a dog with intention and clear communication. 

Additionally, I have two grown daughters who also live in the California Bay area. One taught me how to be a horse show mom as a jumper rider. The other daughter taught me about elite gymnastics as she followed her physical practice through the levels and then ultimately into the vertical dance world. My experiences as a mother of athletes helped me develop real life knowledge of the challenges that emerge for families and I bring this to my parent consulting services.

My interests span from mindfulness to learning about the natural world and how it is reflected in the human condition, animal communication, Ayurveda lifestyle practices, and writing. I am currently working on a body of stories about the lessons I have learned from horses throughout my life.


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