Carrie Wicks Sports Psychologist and Counselor

I have practiced in Northern California for more than 20 years and  participated as a lifelong competitive athlete in equestrian sports.  I cross-trains as a mountain biker, yoga / pilates student, hiker, and skier. My professional training as a psychologist, coupled with personal experience, have focused my work on helping people achieve consistency and overcome challenges.  My combined consulting and psychotherapy blends personal narrative, relational psychology, mental practice enhancement for performance techniques with balancing the many layers of life. 

About Me: Psychologist, Athlete, Mother, Partner

Carrie approaches her clients’ training with the perspective of a Psychologist. 

She examines the experience of elite/amateur athlete, coach/trainer, family, and anyone else who surrounds the client. She also applies this same practice to high-level executives – the intense pressure to compete in business and the ability to channel that into a weapon for success.  She travels regularly to be on location to participate with her clients in competition, teaching them meditation, mindful exploration of real-time challenges, and specific tools for calming anxiety and stress.  Mindfulness-based brain training supports individuals in training, competition, academia, business, and life.

She has pioneered Mindfulness-based Performance Consulting

Beginning with her doctoral research, “Adolescent Equestrienne Athletes’ Experiences of Mindfulness in Competition” – where she proved her hypothesis that development and utilization of mindfulness practices render top performance results. Dr. Carrie’s system for using mindfulness combined with self-exploration focused on growth and change to achieve goals through mental practice reflects results both in competition and other aspects of life. So important is this breakthrough that her dissertation is in the Library of Congress.  Additionally, she developed a philosophy and curriculum dubbed The (W)inner Circle, a self-guided course that supports athletes to find their MindZone, complete with self-assessments and workbook.


Carrie’s personal journey provides her the experience and perspective

to relate to all facets of her clients’ lives – inside and outside of the competition arena.  She is married with 2 grown daughters, who participated in rigorous athletic competition.  Carrie experienced the role of the athlete’s mother (in gymnastics and equestrian sport), and as a competitor herself.  Importantly, Carrie continues to be active in mountain biking, hiking and equestrian sports, as well as a 20-year-long yoga practice which provides her the first-hand knowledge and ever-evolving awareness of what her athletes, coaches, and families face. – delete?


Carrie offers packages to accommodate individual needs. 

She also makes available video instruction, tips, and advice through blogs, YouTube, and her magazine column, “Ask Dr. Carrie” in Horse & Style Magazine.