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Adult Consultation & Psychotherapy


Adults typically seek support from me when a piece of life is chronically out of place. This experience is often accompanied by feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, depression and the desire to set things straight. Anxiety and depression can feel unshakeable. Together we explore the patterns, personal narrative, and life history that have led to the imbalance, shift the narrative, explore the material at the edges of consciousness that need tending, and restructure life.

Relationship issues, parenting challenges, professional detours, and a desire to increased satisfaction and meaning in life bring people into consultation. Having an ongoing relationship with an impartial guide and witness allows personal growth to be woven into the usual and unexpected challenges in life.


I have a personalized model of working with parents and teens to allow individuation to unfold with attention to respectful communication, boundaries, and understanding of the particularities of this important relationship.

No matter what brings us together, clients tend to continue consulting with me for many years in a various intensities. I hope to become a long-term person on your council of support people.

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