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Professional Business and Sport Psychology

The Professional
and Elite Athlete

If you are a devoted athlete – or passionate about any endeavor in your life – you already have skills in focus and performing under pressure. Whether you are interested in increasing consistency, enhancing the experiences, or recovering from a challenging period, regular consulting, with attention to daily brain training, will change your game.

Professional athletes, and business executives, tap into some form of mental awareness and management regularly.  My personalized consulting supports top-tier athletes and teams to develop an understanding of their habits and obstacles. We explore thought processes, personal narratives, unconscious beliefs, and self-concepts. I support athletes to develop their own training/competition rituals that access the ever-dependable neurological and muscle memory processes as well as applied mindful awareness in practice.

I have supported individuals and teams across many sports and industries:
  • Grand Prix Show Jumping

  • Equitation and hunter show riders

  • Three-Day Eventing

  • Dressage

  • Elite Gymnastics

  • Varsity Sports - all seasons

  • MLB & NFL

  • Elite Cycling - road & mountain

  • Golf

  • Synchronized Swimming

  • Fencing

  • Downhill Ski Racing & Freestyle Snowboarding

  • Professional Dancers

  • Public Speaking

  • Writers

  • Animal Communicators

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