The Professional
and Elite Athlete

Your MindZone
The space between awareness of the outside world 
and connection to the present moment --
where you attain focus, achieve success,
and experience flow.

Dr. Wicks knows that professional athletes, and business executives, tap into some form of mental awareness and management – the beginnings of MindZone – every time they compete.  Carrie’s personalized consulting supports top-tier athletes and teams to develop an understanding of the MindZone through careful exploration of thought processes, personal narratives and habits, unconscious beliefs, and applied mindful awareness in practice. 

Carrie has seen success with individuals and teams across many sports and industries:
  • Grand Prix Show Jumping

  • Three-Day Eventing

  • Elite Gymnastics

  • Varsity Sports - all seasons

  • MLB & NFL

  • Elite Cycling - road & mountain

  • Golf

  • Synchronized Swimming

  • Fencing

  • Downhill Ski Racing & Freestyle Snowboarding

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