Consultation for teens includes increasing understanding of the changing brain and what can be expected through this time of transition. Teens will address social and emotional challenges, receive support with overwhelming emotions, and create a sustainable narrative about their lives. Working with Dr. Wicks, adolescents learn to develop and use the necessary tools for a balanced life of interpersonal relationships, academic achievement, and competitive sport.

Adolescent /

Teen Athlete

Teen athletes, performers, and students strive for peak performance on a daily basis,
but are often held back due to a lack of mental practice and an impartial guide.  
Dr. Wicks provides support through the navigation of social and emotional challenges, identity development.

As the teen matures, they increase communication skills and self-awareness to improve relationships with coaches, teammates, family, and friends.  Dr. Wicks respects and collaborates with teens in a program designed specifically for them – not a prescriptive approach applied across all types and ages of athletes.  Most importantly, the adolescent learn to access their personal MindZone, which will support them under all aspects of life’s pressures.

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