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Sport Psychology Teen and Young Adults

Adolescence is the most creative phase of life and my work with teens focuses on the associated gifts and challenges of this time. The extreme inner callings to feel a multitude of life layers can bring on anxiety, depression, focus issues, and, a confused self-concept. As a life long "horse-girl," I have an active inner-teennager. This gives me a unique ability to connect to teens on their level, to deeply understand the intensity of their experiences and challenges, as well as to support them to navigate passage into young adulthood safely.



Consultation & Psychotherapy

Consultation for teens includes increasing understanding of the changing brain and what can be expected through this time of transition. Teens will address social and emotional challenges, receive support with overwhelming emotions, and create a sustainable narrative about their lives. I help teens learn to develop and use the necessary tools for a balanced life of interpersonal relationships, academic achievement, and passion projects.

Support For Parents of Teens

While I 100% honor confidentiality for all clients, I am interested in bridging communication and understanding between parents and teens. With this in mind, I support and encourage teens to develop their young adult voices in order to help parents, coaches, and teachers understand their challenges and intentions. Of course, if your teen is a danger to self or another, I will report to parents and officials if indicated. But I will also support the teen to share as much as they feel comfortable with the adults in their lives. 

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