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Dr. Carrie Wicks Winner Circle Brain Training Program


(W)inner Circle

Dig deep into your intuition to design a daily mental practice that is right for body,
mind, and training style
Winner Circle Program to Optimize Performance

The self-guided program to deepen and sustain a mindfulness practice

Engage in a deep self-study – with a guide to help you navigate the changes you wish to accomplish and the structure to support self- discipline. Dr. Carrie Wicks has worked with professional, personal, and teen clients to face challenges of getting to the next level, overcoming mental/emotional blocks, recovering from injuries, and experiencing big career leaps.


Drawing on that experience, she offers the self-managed program,
The (W)inner Circle.

Directed through a workbook, video tutorials, and a vast resource center, the (W)inner Circle program provides the path to sustain increased successes, eliminate stress from performance, and incorporate mental practice into training.

(W)inner Circle 1.0 establishes the basics of finding one's MindZone.

(W)inner Circle 2.0 helps evolve your practice for ultimate success.

Purchase the Series: (W)inner Circle 1.0 & (W)inner Circle 2.0
to receive bonus content, member status/access, and priority delivery of updates

This program can be utilized by absolutely anyone facing the challenges of life.

It is especially designed for athletes seeking peak performance, professionals looking to expand their careers, and individuals interested in personal growth and enhanced experiences  all at your own pace.

Dr. Carrie supports members in applying their personal learning in each section regardless of focus.  It teaches the core Brain Training concepts, and goes beyond to advanced practices:

  • Mindful Visualization: Manifest optimal performance

  • Mindful Breathing: Use your breath for life balance

  • Mindful Self-Talk: Train your emotion-mind-thought pattern

  • Mindful Relaxation & Self-Hypnosis: Integrate the internal & external minds

  • Know Your Mind-Body Type: Assess your mind-body connection to find your personal MindZone

  • Advanced Mindful Mind-Body Connection: Natural feedback for deeper connections

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