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Get in The Mind Zone Dr. Carrie Wicks


by Dr. Carrie Wicks

Guide yourself through Dr. Wicks' MindZone concept -- a reference book to refresh and rejuvenate your mental practice
by Dr. Carrie Wicks

As a performance psychologist and avid equestrian, Dr. Carrie Wicks has developed a system for living and competing that blends mindfulness and brain training called MindZone. She has taken her collective experience and is now formalizing it into a book so she can reach more people with this breakthrough in managing performance anxieties and the stressors found in all aspects of life.

The inspiration for the book emerged from working with elite teen equitation riders competing at the nation's highest level.

The stress experienced by these athletes came from all directions: the desire to win or perform at peak levels, maintaining college-prep high school work, college applications, and intense travel. Dr. Wicks supported these girls with all aspects of managing their lives -- sometimes for weeks at a time. Each athlete discovered and interacted with her personal MindZone and developed tools to have access to it when required.

The Path to Peak Performance

Observe + Present Moment + Breathe + Visualize + Mind-Body Connection + Flow =
Your MindZone

The MindZone is not a static thing or place but qualities, practices, and mind-body responses that can be expected with intentional combinations of factors/tools.


You are invited to get to know your patterns through self-reflection using the worksheets included in these chapters.  You will document your experience and utilize personal assessments. By navigating these lessons, your approach to performance in all aspects of your life can change. Developing a relationship with your personal MindZone will empower you with tools for living intentionally. Enjoy the journey…

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