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Pandemic Pondering and Potential Pivots

Monthly release of What's Up in the Land of Dr. Carrie? where I share my thoughts and teachings...

Darkness Collage

Things I am pondering:

• How often I have wished for the world to stop and now that it has feeling the depth of change this stoppage has set in motion.

• That virus is one of the only things that can actually "check" the human race.

• What is the “new world” going to be like? And how can I continue to support people? Is my current work with equestrians expanding? Is my audience expanding? Is there a new type of client coming into my life?

• How incredibly important endorphins are to my wellbeing. Hence I commit to sweating in fresh air almost every day!

• How much I love my new Aero Pilates home reformer and Pilates in general.

Changes I am considering:

The word “Pivot” keeps coming up. In my mind’s eye I see myself standing tall, turning clockwise, and focusing on something new. What is the new thing in my sight? It is still blurry and emerging out of the pandemic fog.

The words “simplify” and “essential” keep coming up. More on this as my imagination and intellect integrate into clarification. Here is a collage inspired by this emerging vision:

Current (Re)Actions:

Not gonna lie, anxiety often pulses though me – especially when I wake up in the mornings. Darn those heart palpitations! In response to this I have:

• Increased meditation to 20 minutes daily.

• Write something/anything in my journal daily.

  • Listening more than speaking.

  • Yoga with Adrien (free on YouTube) daily

  • Get physical every. single. day.

  • Gardening feels great and Spring is off the hook everywhere!

  • Working with clients on FaceTime & phone - exploring journeys of heart break, families simplifying values, and lost milestones combined with brave inventions of personalized ways to mark change and plans to “re-enter the new world” transformed.

Dream World:

My dreams are in crazy Techni-color with more details than ever! I have been tracking them and they fluctuate between:

  • Processing material from daily conversations

  • Processing or illuminating fears about all of the current unknowns

  • Projecting me into potential future life events

  • Connecting me to loved ones who are not here anymore

  • I am hoping to beckon dreams that clarify the above named “Pivot” concept.

What I am reading:

Reading is hard for me these days. I just crave to be soothed and taken away by mindless films and TV (see below). When I can focus on words, I have been reading:

  • Welcoming The Unwelcome by Pema Chodron

  • Mind Gym by Mac Casstevens (rereading or actually listening on Audible)

  • Cool Beans: The Ultimate Guide to Cooking with the World’s Most Versatile Plant-Based Protein by Joe Yonan

Music Inspirations:

• Jackie Greene live shows on Facebook

• Ben Morrison live shows on Facebook

• Ben Morrison & wife’s band Terrier live shows on Facebook

Movies & TV Explorations:

  • Little Fires Everywhere

  • High Fidelity

  • Cheer

  • Better Things

  • Shrill

  • Portrait of A Lady On Fire

  • Unorthodox

  • Rocket Man

  • The Female Brain

What I am wondering:

Are you considering any pivoting? I know surviving all this and coming out the other end upright is a stronger focus right now. But, are your inner voices requesting fundamental changes? Are your dreams suggesting shifts in your waking life or just downloading from the day?

Consider turning off the news and tuning inward. Give your inner self the gift of time. Do whatever you usually do to unplug and listen. Let me know if changes are bubbling up for you too because I am curious if this is a universal response to a universal crisis or just my personal deal.

Full Disclosure: My mailing list went crazy and imported ALL contacts from my life! If you are receiving this and prefer not to, please unsubscribe knowing that I take no offense and respect your privacy!

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