What is a Mental Practice?

Question: My trainer has me moving up a division on each of my horses. At home I have been able to manage the bigger jumps but I am super jittery about starting the season this way. How do I know if I am in over my head? First of all, you have to trust your trainer! After all, if you are training at these new levels at home, your horses and you are being prepared to go there. However, I encourage trainers and riders to assess and reassess regularly as we are constantly changing organisms. Have an honest conversation with your trainer about your competition goals for the year. If you have had a long off-season it may be most supportive to your mental strength, focus, and confidence to start b

Q & A: Brain Training for Focus & Endurance

Question: What do I do when I have random thoughts in the ring? Sometimes I am riding along and a song or detail from school pops into my mind literally throwing me off my focus. Since the brain is a muscle, it requires training just like the rest of your body and your horse. Training your brain to be task oriented while maintaining your mind-body connection is key here. Mental distraction can be a form of resistance or overwhelm where the brain’s neural path circuitry gets over- ridden by a more comfortable and familiar pathway. Start working with your focus by observing the challenge intricately. Create a log of when this happens on and off the horse. Record every detail. Begin the brain t

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