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Anxiety Over College Decision Season?

This is a rough few weeks for college applicants because offers, declines and waitlist letters are being mailed every day. Students feel like the most important decision of their life is unfolding in front of them and they feel overwhelmed. I’ve been working with teens going through this progression for a decade now and somehow students and the right schools always seem to find each other. But those words are hollow if you or your child is stressing over a long awaited response from what you through this time:

  • Focus on the here and now details of life rather than the ‘what if’ conversations.

  • Resist the temptation to discuss the finances until all financial aid and scholarship offers have been received.

  • Keep track of what part of the story is your dream and what part is the college-bound person’s dream. Be careful not to project your wishes onto others.

  • Allow your senior to have more freedom in the world so that when they leave and live on their own, they don’t have to go wild in response to the confines they lived in at home!

  • Talks about sex, drugs and rock and roll nonchalantly with your young person. Share your ideas, values and allow them to share theirs in a nonjudgmental conversation. Share some of your mistakes how you could have made different decisions.

  • Try to go visit all the schools your student is considering during the month of April so all decisions are made with as much information as possible. Most schools require decisions by May 1 as well as deposits.

  • Have fun with your child and celebrate the little things like getting up together for breakfast or a quick tea date after school.

  • Trust that your child will find their way and know that the more you support them as a consultant, the less conflict you will encounter on the journey.

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